Cracked Toenails: Causes, How to Repair & Fix Horizontally, Vertically Splitting Yellow Nails


Cracked toenails are unattractive and can make it uncomfortable for you to wear open-toes shoes or flip flops. The condition┬ámay be caused by toenails neglect e.g. not trimming them as frequent as necessary, but it may also be an indication of underlying medical┬áconditions. In most cases, you will be able to fix a cracked toenail … Read more

Fish Pedicure: Benefits, Before and After and Side Effects When Things Go Wrong

Doctor fish pedicure

Getting a pedicure in a tub with fish has been a craze around the world. Pedicures entail applying nail color to your toenails and removing dead skin. The result is smooth feet free of calluses. The standard procedure of removing calluses and dead skin on your heels and bottom of feet is done using a … Read more